The Supreme Court Is Gay LLC was founded on Day May MMXX (May 31, 2020) in Springfield, Ohio by Casey O'Brien. TSCIG is an independent multi-media publisher focusing on writing, videos, music, documentaries, comedies, fine art, and more. TSCIG is a proponent of free speech and values contributions from all ranges of the political spectrum - left, right, centrist, up, and down. For all inquiries please contact casey@thesupremecourtisgay.com.

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Chathasaigh (slave name, Casey ✊🏼 ) is a disgruntled millennial and political refugee from Palm Springs, California who was adopted by the Rust Belt. He received his BA degree in History with minors in Spanish and Journalism from Wittenberg University in 2013 before proudly going on to drop out of the University of Cincinnati College of Law after only three months. He has worked in various different industries including aviation recruitment, the healthcare industry, and private security for several different homeless shelters throughout Phoenix, Arizona. His list of grand accomplishments are innumerable and include urinating on the Berlin Wall, being criminally trespassed from his alma mater immediately after graduation, literally starting a forest fire and then putting it out nearly killing himself in the process, getting tear-gassed by police in two different countries, and twice eluding city and state police in vehicular pursuits. Casey is a God fearing Christian man who possesses strong atheistic beliefs in regards to the existence of dinosaurs and thinks you're stupid if you believe in them. His favorite living people are Kim Jong-un and Ted Kaczynski and he may or may not have active membership in the Proud Boys and the US Green Party. Casey is divorced and lives alone with his dog zealously awaiting the end times.